About MU Earth

This website is the ongoing record of stories on global issues by students in classes in the Science and Agricultural Journalism Program of the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources and in the Missouri School of Journalism. We cover on this site the science, political, economic and social facets of such issues as climate disruption, hunger, poverty, population and destruction of the biosphere, including species extinction.

We produce stories periodically, depending on where we are and what we discover.

Please feel free to also follow our work on these sites: Covering Nature and Society in Costa Rica and MUddy Boots News.

To accomplish this coverage on all three sites, we appreciate the partnership and support of the Carnegie Corp. of New York; Farm Journal; the MU College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources; the Missouri School of Journalism; the CAFNR Division of Applied Social Sciences; the CAFNR Science and Agricultural Journalism Program; and several alumni of the Science and Ag Journalism Program who have made gifts to the program.

To inquire about our work, please contact Bill Allen at allenwi@missouri.edu or Nina Furstenau at furstenaun@missouri.edu.


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